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What we offer?


Assessing existing IT processes for various business functions and providing recommendations that maximize impact and save costs.


Building complex integrations between platforms like Salesforce, Quickbooks, ERP systems, etc. and your existing Cloud, On-premise, social/mobile apps and 3rd party applications.


Implementing complex Cloud solutions across various leading platforms like Salesforce to deliver solutions that work seamlessly with the existing setups.

Data Migration

It involves migrating in-&-out massive or small data from 3rd party CRM to Salesforce.


Customizing the technologies like Salesforce to your unique business needs so you maximize ROI and optimize processes without hassles.

Data and Analytics

Helping your business and processes adapt the cloud with interactive reports and dashboards that initiate data-driven decision making, save costs and maximize ROI.

App Development

App Development: Developing custom, high-performing apps on platforms like Salesforce (lightning-ready) right from ideation to publishing on AppExchange.

IT and Support

On-demand, round-the-clock support and training for the new setups or existing Cloud instances on Salesforce.

What matters to us?

We are a boutique consulting firm based out of Toronto, Canada. Through  sales and marketing automation, we want to help you and your employees save time, so that you can spend time growing your business!

Our aim is to empower companies in North America to leverage the benefits of enterprise grade tools with affordable pricing to save time, drive efficiencies and increase growth within their business. This allows them to better manage existing and new client relationships, differentiate themselves and allows them to have a competitive edge in this new digital age.

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