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“Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don’t”
With the aforesaid proverb I wish to highlight the fact that I possess both profound knowledge of finance and an industry experience in an increasing leadership role spanning across different industries including Consulting, corporate finance and banking.  As a current sophomore MBA student at Schulich School of Business at York University I anticipate to hold down a job in the Financial Services Industry, leveraging the prior experience in Consulting, corporate finance and banking.
Working as a FICO SAP consultant
In a high performance environment, suggesting ways for the client to better control their costs, I readily applied my acquired knowledge in business processes such as Finance, Material Management, Sales and Distribution to perform at the best of my abilities. Owing to my good quality work and dedication towards my project, I was made the quality lead of my project. Later my seniors decided to promote me to the Quality leader of Business unit within a year of joining the company.
In my quest to better understand finance and become a more effective consultant,                      I completed CFA level 1 and NSE’s (National stock exchange – India) certification in financial management) certification. The knowledge gained helped in both designing my portfolio and becoming an effective consultant, winning new and repeat contracts for my employer.
As more a senior executive – Finance at Nandan Exim
I worked with the corporate finance department of the company and worked extensively with banks on working capital requirements, currency futures and hedging. I learned the intricacies involved in fund raising for SME’s as the company repeatedly raised funds through the public, FCCB (Foreign currency convertible bonds) and banks.
In 2010, in an attempt to expand the production at Chiripal group (Mother company of Nandan exim) the company aspired to raise captial through public and here I had the opportunity to work with the appointed investment bankers for valuation of the company assets. I learned core financial modeling and developed negotiation skills while negotiating on the price of the company with the investment bankers.
At Axis Bank
I got the opportunity to work in their Foreign exchange department learning the very basics involved in export sector for SMEs.  Working at wealth management department at axis bank edified me on how to interact with Net worth Clients, understanding their needs and tailoring products to their needs.
Outside of my professional career
I have contributed to community-focused nonprofits such as AIESEC, Yuva and UNICEF. Working with AIESEC, in team of multinational, multidimensional individuals made me more flexible and adaptable to global cultures transforming me to be a global citizen.
My Vista to my suited job
I urge to build a leadership career in a financial organization wherein i can coach and support others. I am a person who can thrive in fast-paced, ambiguous environments and am energized by taking on stretch assignments that require you to step outside of your comfort zone. With the above mentioned experience it is clear that i have Proven client service orientation and Global mindset. Also i am flexible and adaptable, always keen on learning and broadening experiences. I have the ability to land at results in context of complexity and constant change. I have build up my finance, analytical and problem solving skills through both education and experience. Fluency in a second language is my another asset.I possess the proficiency to take initiative, leveraging skills and experience to provide value to the organization. I am open  to take a short term assignment within and outside the Greater Toronto Area and/or outside Canada.
I am a team player and aspire to learn as much of the investment banking industry as possible.  I bring the energy and commitment to excellence necessary to thrive in company’s innovative environment.  I strive to provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers. Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with all departments at an organization. I have the ability to work within a team as well as cross-team.

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