Communication and Media

Improve customer confidence with a customer experience that wows by delivering 1-to-1 engagement at scale.

Communicate on a person-to-person level and Turn the page on old media models.

Simplify the Customer Experience

Customers today expect communications service providers to make their experience simple. That’s the bar new over-the-top market entrants have set. Salesforce helps you meet those expectations by delivering a seamless, consistent, and personalized experience across all channels of engagement.

Accelerate your digital transformation.

To survive and thrive in the face of fierce over-the-top competition, communications service providers must move rapidly to launch new services and business models. With Salesforce, you get a single digital platform that enables IT and operational agility, so you can deliver innovations and business results more quickly.

Become predictive and proactive.

Communications service providers possess an abundance of customer data. But most of this data is dormant — barely any of it is used to create actionable intelligence. Salesforce helps you harness and activate this data to predict customer needs, determine proactive treatments, and create personalized experiences.

Personalize every consumer’s content journey on any device and channel.

Tap into social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies to drive a 1-to-1, predictive relationship with your consumers. Salesforce helps marketing managers, sales reps, and service agents build relationships with consumers by engaging them wherever they are, on any device.

Monetize content and supercharge media sales teams.

Real-time visibility to pipeline and forecasts by integrating inventory systems — and extend the power of your CRM solution to enable analytics, marketing automation, intelligent inbox, and Salesforce partners.

How to Win the War for Attention

With the explosion of new entrants to the media and entertainment industry, the landscape is increasingly fragmented, while also becoming more interconnected than ever. Dig in to learn how to apply intelligence across your media organization.

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