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What do we do?

We help businesses by providing the best marketing and publicity solutions across the digital world and the real world. While we have many fingers in many different pies, it only enables us to come up with creative responses to challenges. And we might make it look easy too. The thing is, we love puzzles.

That being said, we think it is of utmost importance to be adaptable and flexible in these fast changing times. And we extend this principle to our clients by providing non-rigid, customization packages which translates to money well spent, and accurately.

We are a bunch of highly professional, enthusiastic and socially aware individuals with common creative goals.

Even though we inhabit a highly competitive environment, we make sure that we are being ethical human
being. We pay competitive but fair compensations to our employees so they are not exploited and work with
their peak efficiency. We clearly believe that a more diverse collaboration brings a more wholesome output,
both creatively and personally.
All our employees and partners hail from vastly different socio-cultural landscapes in India. Be from the
northern hills of Shimla, to the bustling cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, from the backwaters of Kerala to the
old cities of West Bengal, their diverse upbringings bring different perspectives and ideologies that help us
mine the mindsets of a wider audience.
And from film schools to MBA schools to just high schools, all our members have treaded different paths to
arrive here, together with us, working towards the ultimate goal of constructing world class creative work
that affect and inspire people across the spectrum.

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