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You’ve probably made a significant investment in your Salesforce implementation so it stands to reason that you expect it to perform for years to come.

Over time your business processes and strategies evolve. People will come and go, targets and measures will change, products and features will be introduced and discontinued…Over the same amount of time, Salesforce releases will evolve your system, usage will change and what once was mandatory may no longer be necessary.

Our Salesforce Health Check™ service is designed to help you assess the performance of your current implementation, benchmark against best practices and discover opportunities to help your business grow or achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently.

Our functional and technical reviews will highlight areas and processes that can be improved which result in dramatic increases in productivity and improvements to business procedures.

Wafeconsulting Technical Assessment

The Wafeconsulting Technical Assessment is a summary of the technical health of your Salesforce org.  We will provide a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status for each area, as well as any quick wins and recommended corrective actions.  The areas of focus will be:

1. Salesforce limits analysis

2. Data Model review

3. Apex and VisualForce code quality

4. Integration

5. Environments and deployment process

Wafeconsulting Process Assessment

Detailing the existing business processes being managed wholly or partially within Salesforce, the document will include recommendations for increasing efficiency and user adoption.

The aim is to detect and correct potential problems before they occur or develop into major defects. Contact us to see how we can help.

1. Better automation

2. Improving data quality

3. Clearing up page layouts, reports and dashboards

4. Leveraging App Exchange packages

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