Sales Cloud

Convert more leads, close more deals, and understand the health of your entire business with Sales Cloud.

Deliver personalized buying experiences to every one of your customers.

Build longtime, loyal customers at every interaction. Connect sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each prospect through a personalized customer journey.

Expand your reach, and adjust your strategy on-the-fly.

Evolve your sales strategy, whether you want to move into a new industry, a new market or just a new neighborhood. Plan territories, see team performance, track rep execution, and more.

Empower sales reps to work faster and smarter.

Make every minute count: standardize processes, automate manual tasks, and access data on any device –even offline. Boost team impact with insights, guidance, and forecasts from built-in AI.


Consulting, Implementation and Data Migration Process

Our process has proven itself time and again, and has helped hundreds of happy clients  achieve their goals. Forget waiting – let’s transform how you do business.



  • Start with our Wafe strategy session where we advise you of how other companies in your industry are using Salesforce for your use case
  • We collect your requirements, understand your business process and document everything in Jira


Refine business requirements further during backlog refinement sessions.

Run Agile


Solution Architect to solution the requirements and development team does the development work.



Team showcases the working software developed at the end of the sprint and gets feedback from the Client.


Deliver the complete working software at the end of all sprints.


We’ve made it our mission to get the most out of Salesforce and deliver transformative outcomes for our  clients. That means taking agile methodology to a whole new level and solving complex business  challenges in the shortest time possible.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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